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Why YOU should visit PCE Motopark…

Earlier this week I visited PCE Motopark, over the years it’s had a few different trading names but now under the reigns of Shane & Alec, PCE Motopark is making some changes. Situated in Winchester, Hampshire, PCE Motopark is a man made practice facility with not one, not two but three prepped tracks. 


A Track is their main track, ideal for all riders from novice to expert (i’m told Lewis Hall is a regular). It has a really good flow, plenty of jumps with some nice banked corners and a surface that is constantly being improved. The guys have been busy resurfacing as much of the track as they can, it’s a work in progress but it looked mega when I visited, they’ve also been building new reservoirs and sorting out the water supply for the tracks. 

B Track is the inter track (its also been featured on BBC’s Top Gear!). This is mostly chalk based and ideal for the improving kids, nicely undulating it flows really nicely, some nice jumps around here but nothing too crazy! There are plans afoot for this track over this winter, with a resurface and some subtle changes that will only improve an already great layout. 

C Track is the kids track, this is currently undergoing a revamp too (I did say they were busy!), i’ll share more details on this track when the renovations are complete. 

Current Coronavirus situation:

As i am writing this, there are a lot of tracks opening back for practice / private hire. PCE Motopark are currently working hard to get approval from their insurers, landowner and from their local authority. They are trying to open this weekend (24/05/2020) but this is subject to the above, an announcement will be made on Thursday 21/05/2020 as to whether they will be open or not. The current plan is to limit rider numbers to 100, and the 2 metre distancing will be enforced throughout the Motopark. Shane and Alec have taped out the paddock, and are working through every area of the facility to make sure that all regulations are implemented. They will only open if they have full support from their insurers, medics and the local authority. 

What else do you need to know?

  • Open every Wednesday & Sunday, from 10am. 
  • Cost is £35 adults (Track A) or £30 kids. 
  • Easy to find, with a large paddock area
  • Raised spectator viewing area
  • Sessioned – Kids, Novice, Inters, Experts
  • 07958 425194

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